Best hybrids in 2012 from Toyota, GM and Ford

By Peter Chubb - Jul 7, 2011

Choosing what we believe to be the best hybrids in 2012 is going to be much tougher than choosing the top hybrid cars from 2011. The reason for this is because the competition will be much tougher due to the likes of Toyota, GM and Ford now getting there act together and offering drivers a greater choice, along with improved technology.

For years it has been the Toyota Prius showing rivals that they are king, much like the iPad in the tablet market in that respect. Going back a few years’ hybrid cars were a leap forward in technology, but they still had a way to go if they ever wanted to offer a practical alternative to the standard gasoline engine.

Thankfully technology has improved at an increased rate over the past year, and the future is with plug-in hybrids – well for now anyway. We say this because the future is with electric vehicles, as we need to move away from being reliant on gasoline. The upcoming 2012 hybrid car range is proof that we are moving much closer to that, we just need another five years before it is considered a fully viable option.

So let us take a look at what we believe to be the best 2012 models: The first is the Prius, as Toyota is to offer not one but several options of this popular model. Not only that, the Japanese automaker is hard at work on their first plug-in Prius hybrid, which should be able to mount an offensive against the Chevy Volt, which also uses the say kind of technology.

That is not all Toyota will be offering, as we know they have plans for two other hybrid models, the Highlander and the Camry. They will not stop there either, as they also have big plans in 2012 for their luxury division, as they have a host of hybrid Lexus models planned. There will be updates to four current models, along with two new ones as well.

Soul Tek also notes that Ford is now starting to push their hybrid campaign, as not only do they have four current 2012 models coming, they are also working on a new form of hybrid car that will use lithium batteries instead of nickel. The auto website assumes that this will be based on the concept version of the plug-in Escape hybrid that we have already seen.

Not ones to miss out on all the hybrid action, GM also has a number of models planned, but it is the new versions of the 2012 Chevy Volt that we look forward to the most. The Volt has been doing very well in terms of sales, but only having one model limits growth. Thankfully there are a number of other models planned, such as a crossover, although we cannot help think that the rumored 2012 Cadillac Converj will overshadow this.

There are far more hybrid models planned, these are just a handful of what we believe will be most popular.

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