HTC EVO 3D overheating problems spark consumer fears

By Alan Ng - Jul 6, 2011

We have a word of caution for those of you planning to pick up the impressive HTC EVO 3D handset on Sprint, as it has been reported that the device is suffering from a bout of overheating issues.

The device has only just been released on Sprint, but it has been revealed that HTC may have a huge problem on their hands if it turns out the device is prone to overheating. According to an article published over at Phandroid, users have been complaining about their EVO 3D overheating when connecting the device to the official USB charging dock.

Furthermore, some users have even reported on the device overheating when simply placing the device in pockets. At the moment, we’re unsure how widespread this problem is at the moment, but based on user feedback we’ve read it seems to be affecting quite a lot of you.

If there is a genuine problem with the device, then HTC will need to determine if this issue is hardware or software related. If it is hardware, then obviously it becomes a much bigger problem at hand, because it’s not something that can be fixed with a simple patch update.

The HTC EVO 3D packs some mighty hardware specs such as a 1.2Ghz dual-core processor, dual 3D cameras, Android 2.3 Gingerbread and 1GB of RAM amongst other things. We really hope it’s not the case where the amount of hardware is having an effect on the battery life and components inside, as that would become a real stumbling block for HTC and Sprint as consumers change their minds about picking up an EVO 3D.

If it is confirmed that the device is prone to overheating, then not only is it a serious problem in relation to killing battery life on the device, but it’s also a fire hazard more importantly, especially if it gets hot easily when resting inside a pocket. Hopefully HTC or Sprint will comment on this officially so it can put users minds to ease.

Once we hear back from either company, we’ll be sure to let you know what they say. If you are in possession of a HTC EVO 3D and have experienced these problems or know somebody else that has, let us know how frequently it occurs for you. The good news is that Sprint is apparently aware of the issue, so we have a feeling that an announcement is incoming by the end of the week.

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  • My phone is fine, I leave it plugged in overnight and it’s cold as ice in the mornings, full charge. Yeah the battery drains quickly, but I just charge it at my desk throughout the day and it never gets hot. Sounds like you all just got a defective one.

  • Dachs2danes

    My son has this phone.  We couldn’t figure out why the battery was losing charge so quickly.  After plugging it in for 4 hours it only gained 1/2 a charge and the phone was very hot.  We decided to take of it’s protective ‘otter box’ casing which also protects the screen.  Once the phone was uncase, the screen literally burned my thumb…took photo to document it.  We allowed the phone to sit without the case, back cover, or battery intact.  What if it had been my 8 year old who had gotten burned? 

  • Anonymous

    I am afraid it is just a quirk of the phone.  It doesn’t get as hot as my old Samsung clamshell freebie I got years ago did, but the 3VO is closer to it than any other phone I’ve owned.  I can confirm a camera-caused overheating issue, to run it in the background drains the battery fast and makes it hot!  It’s not a “hardware” issue per se, any app or function (Wi-Fi, GPS, etc.) that puts a large power drain will heat up the battery, period.  (What do you think that will mean for any extended life battery?)  The apps will simply have to be optimized for it, easier said than done.  Maybe next year’s EVO will solve the problem, maybe not.  Also the apps won’t stay “killed” either, they turn right back on the moment you close out of them.  (That’s where your battery drain and “overheating” issues are!!!)So should I trade it in for last year’s EVO ($30 at Radio Shack) and get my money back?  To quote Mike Myers… “Mmmmmmaaayyyybee!”   And the speakers suck rotten eggs too!
    (And PS: if RIM would just get smart and adopt Flash, BB would be back in the game again!  )

  • Anonymous

    Hi, this is my second evo 3d after having to change it since the first one I received was defective. Not only did it overheat but the battery depleted quickly. Then, after a few days, lines appeared across the screen. However, this new one isn’t perfect either because it was overheating as well. It would also freeze and shut off and turn on on its own mostly when the phone got too hot ( Maybe the heat was the reason for it shutting off). So you could imagine how disappointed and frustrated I was thinking that I would have to exchange it or return it for good. I went back to the sprint store with intention to exchange it, but they did a hard reset and the phone started performing how it should with the exception that it still heats up.