Dishwasher recall: Bosch, Neff and Siemens batch number checker

By Peter Chubb - Jul 6, 2011

Keeping up with product recalls is becoming a full time job, which is why we have to be selective about which ones we report. Yesterdays Beko fridge freezer recall was one that we had to inform our readers of, as there was a serious fire risk. So we were surprised to learn of the latest dishwasher recall due to another potential fire hazard. Those affected are Bosch, Neff and Siemens; if you are worried then we will give you details below of a model number checker.

You will need to act fast on this recall notice, as you do not want your dishwasher to catch on fire and risk destroying your home or even death. The cause of the fault is down to an electrical component, which in some cases could overheat and catch the appliance alight. This is pretty much the same as yesterdays recall in a way.

Consumers who are affected by this recall will be able to have their dishwasher repaired for free. The faulty appliances are those that were made from 1999 to 2005 and have batch numbers ranging from FD 7901 to FD 8504. If you have any other batch number, then you do not need to worry.

You can find the model or batch number in two places, either engraved on the top of the door or a sticker on the inner part of the door on the left. Once you have your number just see if the batch number falls in the range that we mentioned above. If your batch number comes up then you will need to enter your model number here to narrow down your dishwasher by model number; this will be the final check to see if you are affected by this latest recall.

From the same page you will be able to book when you want an engineer to come out and repair your dishwasher, If for some reason you have problems getting on the website, then you can call them on 0800 561 0082. Please remember that this should not put you off buying any of their newer dishwashers, or any of their other items come to that.

We still do not know why they have left it this long to learn that there is a fault with these Bosch, Neff and Siemens dishwashers, it’s like the Toyota Prius all over again.

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  • I`ve already had a fire in my Bosch Dishwasher, about a year ago.  My electrical retailer tried to get some help from Bosch, because only luck, and a chance return to the house prevented a major fire, but to no avail. Among other things, I reported it at the time to `Which` consuner organisation.The joke is I replaced it with a BEKO!  The only reason I found your comment about Bosch is I have a BEKO fridge-freezer, that the same retailer has informed me is affected by their latest recall.