Google disappoints with July 4th Doodle, fireworks no flag

By Peter Chubb - Jul 4, 2011

When we awoke this morning we were a little shocked at what we saw, because we assumed that today’s July 4th Google Doodle would be something special. We had assumed that the search engine giant would go all out like they have done in previous years, but all we have is an image with a few images that symbolizes America. OK, so we have fireworks, but where is the flag?

Whenever you celebrate the American Independence you always need to have to have that flag waving, so why has Google not given the American people what they want? We all love it when Google has an interactive Doodle on their homepage, such as the one from last year, which you can see in the video below.

When you watch the video or for those who can remember last years Doodle, then you will know what we mean when we say that Google did it again. Nothing helps to celebrate the 4th of July like some good old fireworks. It is very clever how it has been done, with a chain of events being set off with the end result being the launch of a single firework.

Now we do not have to be gifted to know that American’s who visit the Google homepage will be a little disappointed with what they see. How come the likes of Les Paul, Jules Verne etc qualify for a cool interactive Google Doodle, and the 4th of July does not? There could have been so many opportunities for Google here, ones that would have stopped them from thinking about Bing instead.

When you visit their homepage there is a high def image of an eagle, now how patriotic is that? The when you hover over certain areas of said image you will get interesting bits of information for you to read.

Now compare that to today’s Google Doodle, which consists of a number of small images that is a mashup of everything American. Now that we look a little closer, it’s not has bad as we had first thought. Yes it is still lacking and could do with some interaction, but you can read a lot from the logo.

From what we make of it, the logo takes in the east to west cost, from New York to San Francisco and a little bit more in-between. Not too sure why there would be a rainbow there though – surely they are not celebrating Wizard of Oz as well?

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  • Illogical

    Well, its sort of like Christmas without Christ.  Oh I forgot. We live in an enlightened age.

  • Anonymous

    Its that Marxist-Commie-Pinko-Socialist-Anti-christ-Facist Obamas fault

  • Newuserer

    You people a so angry, that you failed to notice that Google changed its corporate letter colors to reflect US flag colors – blue, red and white and by doing so they are saying that Google is genuinely proud USA company. 

    This year they just wanted to be more symbolic.

  • alan

    You have got to be kidding me. 

  • John in TX

    Maybe the designers at Google just didn’t want to do something totally obvious, and thought, “This is all about America, so let’s show lots of American things.” Whatever. If you think this is a big deal you need to get a grip. 

    I thought Bing’s eagle photo was great – an American symbol presented in a way we don’t usually see it. Neat. (The photography they feature is generally gorgeous and I visit almost daily just to see it.)

  • None

    So Bing has no flag, but they’re patriotic. Google has not flag, and they’re disappointing?

  • Philiodilio

    Everyone bitching about this needs to get a life. Who the f*** cares what’s posted on google’s site? Is this what we are reduced to? Whiney little bitches?

  • Befother

    Agree!  What is it that Google is celebrating on the USA’s Independence Day.  Evidently, Google doesn’t think our our dead and living patriots our worthing raising a flag! Shame on you Google.

  • Befother

    Agree!  What is it that Google is celebrating on the USA’s Independence Day.  Evidently, Google doesn’t think our our dead and living patriots our worthing raising a flag! Shame on you Google.

  • Merdlb

    The doodle is simple- it shows us that from new york to san francisco the entire united states is being wrapped up in a loving, slippery embrace of gayness, via the rainbow spanning the two cities, and that what remains will be a small house, a junky car, maybe a barn and a gay horse with wearing a hat, and yeah a billboard with a baseball.  What about what really makes America great- principles of self reliance, innovation, freedom, and a shared past in taking a stance to the death against a morally and politically decrepid and oppressive government and immoral societal norms?  That is why we have fireworks people, to symbolize what America’s builders actually said to those who tried to subject and oppress freedom of conscience and equality of man:  “over my dead body.”

  • cw

    agree LAME Google!! — and you should be able to know what holiday it is for, i sure can’t tell.

  • Mike

    Agreed – as well as wondering what the item next to the guitar might be…