Unavoidable Sprint iPhone 5: Slow death after Verizon test

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 2, 2011

Sprint had its dedicated Android phones a long time ago, but with Verizon getting the iPhone 4 and the increasing popularity of Apple’s phone means the iPhone 5 is likely to be more in demand than any iPhone before it, this has put Sprint in a very difficult position. The iPhone 5 on Sprint is now almost unavoidable, and if this doesn’t happen then it could be a slow death for Sprint.

Many of the die hard Sprint customers have been waiting out for the iPhone, and after Verizon Wireless got a CMDA version earlier this year, hopes were raised for something to come Sprint’s way this year. The Apple rumor mill continued with reports that Apple were running tests on their campus with Sprint-compatible cell towers, and this was also paired with rumors of two models of iPhone for the 5th generation, the lesser model would be called iPhone 4S.

With the likelihood of T-Mobile being bought by AT&T, this would leave only Sprint with no iPhone 5 release later this year, so it would amaze us if Apple does not offer support in some way. Some of our readers may think “It’s only an iPhone” but they would’ve missed the last few years, and how Apple has changed the success of networks with their iPhone. Apple may head for a fall at some point in the future, but it’s a pretty solid guess that the iPhone 5 will be much of the same and even better thanks to improved signal performance after the iPhone 4 blunder.

RIM will be hoping the BlackBerry 9900 can help turn things around for them, and it may be too late for some users who are not considering if they should dump their BlackBerry, but rather thinking whether to choose Android or iPhone. We’ve had some hands-on time with iOS 5 beta for the last few weeks, and can confirm that the next iOS is a major upgrade that could be a nail in the coffin for RIM with features like iMessenger.

Verizon may have the iPhone and some amazing Android phones, but the army of Android devices has helped attract more users every month. Find yourself ten Android users and we’re sure most would not want an iPhone if it was the last phone on the planet. They’ll have many reasons, and one of them will be the idea that AT&T had the iPhone exclusive for too long. Will the iPhone 5 coming to all networks in 2011 and 2012 change that opinion?

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  • Dngnbill

    I love these articles, always foretelling
    the doom of Sprint………”I realize they have made great strides in
    improving the company, but Sprint is dying because if blah blah blah………….” I
    hope that if the AT&T deal falls through and they lose 6 Billion in
    penalties, that such depressive gloom and doom writing is used.  LOL

  • Anonymous

    lol you can even  buy an unlocked iphone from the apple store and use it on Tmobile.  

  • Anonymous

    lol you can even  buy an unlocked iphone from the apple store and use it on Tmobile.  

  • dre g

    sprint customers have unlimited 4g bandwidth and wifi tethering. they (and their family members or roommates) could connect ipod touches or wifi-only ipads through a single android. this would also allow them to save thousands of dollars.

    what’s the difference between a no-contract $749 iphone and a $189 ipod touch? correct, the iphone can make calls using the standard iOS phone app. however, the ipod touch can still make calls/texts for free without AT&T or Verizon by using many of the third-party apps that allow this.

    the iphone and 3g ipads are merely status symbols among the elite. they don’t even do 4g yet. how are they relevant to any long-term predictions about mobile communications or mobile computing?