FIFA 12: No Andy Gray on commentary – Good news or not?

We have some important news for those of you planning to pick up FIFA 12 later this year now, as EA has confirmed that football pundit Andy Gray will not be returning to his role as FIFA commentator, in wake of the recent sexism scandal that cost him his job at Sky Sports.

Instead, Gray will now be replaced by Alan Smith who will take his place alongside Martin Tyler who keeps his place on the commentary team. Gray has been a key commentary figure in previous FIFA titles, but obviously EA feel that the sexism row was too big to overlook and have decided that it’s best he doesn’t return.

Although it’s fairly black and white, EA has declined to state the exact reasons for Gray’s dismissal, instead preferring to focus on Alan Smith’s new upcoming partnership with Tyler. Here is what senior producer for FIFA 12 David Rutter had to say about the news, as reported from Metro.

“Alan will bring a fresh, new perspective and insight to FIFA 12, working alongside the trusted and well-known voice of Martin Tyler. As one of the top-tier broadcasters on the UK football scene, he brings enormous knowledge and expert analysis to the game so that we can deliver the most authentic FIFA experience this year.”

With that in mind, how do you feel about the appointment of Alan Smith in place of Andy Gray FIFA fans? Is he the man for the job or not in your opinion. Despite what has happened, some of you may feel that Gray is ‘part of the furtniture’ in terms of FIFA commentary and it wouldn’t feel right without him. Obviously, others will be glad that he’s gone so it will be interesting to see what Smith can add to the overall blend of the game.

The good news, is that you’ll be able to switch between another set of commentators, if you are not happy with Martin Tyler and Alan Smith. For the first time EA will be giving you the chance to enjoy a second commentary team, and it will come in the form of Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend – we think that’s an excellent move by EA to keep things fresh during matches.

Personally I would choose the second team everytime, Townsend usually does a good job on commentary and Tyldesley is just as legendary as Martin Tyler. In an ideal world, John Motson would be great on FIFA but I can’t see it happening any time soon so players will have to make do with the current set up.

Back to Andy Gray though, are you happy he’s gone or not?



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