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Battlefield 3: EA DICE play down PS3 graphic concerns

The graphics featured in upcoming shooter Battlefield 3 has become quite the talking point ever since EA DICE unveiled the console performance of the game a few weeks ago.

While many gamers were satisfied with the level of detail featured in the PS3 version of the game, there is a select group who believe that the graphics are considerably below par when compared to the PC version, which EA DICE are prioritizing.

Naturally, EA DICE are keen to dispel any fears to PS3 owners that the game is going to look below par compared to other versions, and executive producer Patrick Bach has now chimed in with his latest thoughts on the ongoing graphics dispute.

Despite clear differences in the visuals on the PS3 and PC versions of the game, Bach reiterates that the PS3 version of the game will look ‘very similar’ to the PC version of the game, although whether this admission is specifically reserved for the PS3 version or the Xbox 360 version as well, remains to be seen.

Here is what he had to say about the graphics when talking in a recent interview with PSM3, as reported from CVG:

“Of course, there are practical limitations on the console versions with things like CPU, resolution, memory, bandwidth… things like that. But I’m not worried about the output of PS3 compared to PC. It’ll be very similar.”

If you watched the PS3 trailer during Jimmy Fallon though, you would have clearly seen a significant difference in graphics for the two versions, so perhaps PS3 owners may want to reserve judgement until more gameplay footage is released.

Don’t forget that Battlefield 3 will ‘only’ run at 30FPS on console as well, compared to 60FPS on PC, which is another area of concern for some gamers. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to get one up over EA, Activision has already begun to boast that their upcoming Modern Warfare 3 game will run at a solid 60FPS on console.

Personally speaking though, I think the graphics are looking very acceptable. It’s an obvious step-up in quality from Bad Company 2, and if you have the resources to fork out thousands of dollars on a state of the art PC rig, then it’s only fair that you get to enjoy games in their highest quality. Battlefield 3 will obviously look better running on such a system with optimal settings, but the general gameplay will still be the same on console, and that’s what really matters when playing Battlefield as opposed to Modern Warfare 3 – the gameplay.

Are you concerned in any way about the level of console performance for Battlefield 3 compared to the PC version of the game?



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