Mortal Kombat 9 DLC, Kenshi trailer and release date PS3 / Xbox 360

By Jamie Pert - Jun 29, 2011

Now that Mortal Kombat gamers have had a chance to play as Skarlet they may be wondering when the next playable character will arrive, well we can now confirm that more MK9 DLC is headed to Xbox Live and PS3 next month and will bring Kenshi.

According to a recent post on GameInformer Kenshi will come to consoles on July 5th, Kenshi is a blind sword-wielding fighter who first hit the Mortal Kombat scene back in 2002 when Deadly Alliance arrived, he uses his sword and his telekinetic powers combined to make himself a very formidable addition to the MK9 roster.

We have embedded a video at the end of this post which shows Kenshi in action, the video also shows us glimpses of his fatalities, one at the end sees the opponent’s skull obliterated by the blunt of the sword, whilst another sees the enemy flung head-first into Kenshi’s sword, which is firmly planted into the ground.

We think that Kenshi will be a welcome addition to Mortal Kombat’s fighter offerings, we would imagine that it will cost 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live / $5 on PSN, we are also hearing that Rain should be arriving in future DLC. Seeing as how Skarlet arrive in June and Kenshi is coming in July we think that August is a safe bet for his arrival.

When Mortal Kombat 9 arrived there were 27 playable characters out-of-the-box for Xbox 360 and 28 for PS3 (as Sony’s console got Kratos as an exclusive), with Skarlet, Kenshi and Rain it will bring these numbers to 30 and 31 for the Xbox 360 and PS3 respectively, do you think that more characters will be needed? If so, which characters would you bring to the game?

The Mortal Kombat Wikia list 64 characters which have featured in the Mortal Kombat games over the years, we think that MK9’s bosses (Goro, Kintaro and Shao Kahn) would be welcome additions to that game’s playable character list, previously our readers have stated that Motaro, Lord Shinnok, Frost and Havik should have appeared in the game, do you agree?

While we are on the subject we wonder what you think about Mortal Kombat DLC pricing, is $5 per character acceptable? Will you buy Kenshi? Let us know in the comments section below. Note: When we hear more about Rain’s arrival we will keep you posted.

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  • Kenshi.. a character I never liked.. I have every version of Mortal Kombat for PSX, PS2, and PS3 (Except MK Vs DC.. that was junk!!). Kenshi, Scarlet, and rain… I will NOT be getting any of them.. and personally.. I think the DLCs are over priced.. so I will only get the Freddy one. If they dropped the prices to HALF then yes I would buy all the characters just to have them! But at the price they are.. no.. think about it.. The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion had 10 DLCs… lets just say that MK releases 10 DLCs.. at 4 GBP each.. thats 40 GBP for 10 fighters? How many characters did you get with the game? And how much was the game? Nah.. with each DLC character they should add another fighting area, freddy should have the boiler room added for example! PLUS the price should be cheaper.. but they are a business and in it for the money… so they wont.. Personally I think all DLCs should come down in price after they have been out a year.. Dead Space 1 DLCs.. still full price for an old game! If they halved the prices of them.. id buy all the Dead Space addons! But at the price they are.. im not buying one of them.

  • guest

    tonya has actauly appeared as well occassionaly while fighting shao kahn you will see her impressoned as of before we see sonya kitana and skarlet so for later days i would think to expect tonya as well as another man constantly mentioned in the game master bo rai cho

  • Greenterrorgio

    i think mk9 should have motaro  and chameleon as a DLC 

    • Ducktapeking88

      I think the female Khameleon should be dlc as well giving the game all of the players from Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

  • WWEMillenium

    5$ its really cheap!! its great ill buy him

  • WWEMillenium

    5$ its really cheap!! its great ill buy him

  • Beelzibob2008

    i bought the session pass for the x box so its 4 char for 15 … 5 a pop is too much

  • Dazzy G

    Rain has also been annouced for July, just no specific date yet