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Will cheats infest Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation?

With the Xbox 360 getting the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation map pack today, we will see gamers hunting for cheats in the game that will give them an edge over others in multiplayer, and managing the most rounds in Shangri-La zombies. While there is no official guide and we’re not sure if these cheats and glitches are planted in games, there are those that will hunt for them.

The gamers looking for a way to cheat will spend hours everyday trying to jump in certain ways, and in every corner of the maps looking for a way to get the upper hand by cheating. Tips for survival in Black Ops is fine, reading about what are the best weapons in different situations is fine, but using map glitches to cheat has been a hot topic since the first Call of Duty game. Most players frown on it, which has left certain games in the franchise a mess in the past when cheating become so wide spread.

So will cheaters find glitches to aid them in Black Ops Annihilation? The answer is almost certainly yes, but will you be one of these people cheating if you find ways to do so? Feel free to share a comment on that.

The Xbox 360 map pack has gone live in the last few hours, and YouTube has already seen videos of gameplay for the different maps, although we’re not aware of any glitches being posted to YouTube or Twitter at the time of writing. You can expect patches for the game as cheats arise, this happened before and we expect this again. Those that find it fun to use these to their advantage will need to get in quick before these glitches are closed, which then tend to lead to new doors opening.

You can read more details on what’s included in the new Black Ops map pack, including a video on COD Shangri-La zombies, here in this article, which also looks at the possibility of another pack coming before MW3.

In summary: We expect cheats and glitches to appear in the new Annihilation pack, and will post updates as we get them. Will you be hunting for glitches, or do you hate them in Call of Duty games?

If you’ve played the new multiplayer maps and zombie map, please share your experience in the comments.



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