UK 3DTV owners hardly watching 3D content

By Gary Johnson - Jun 24, 2011

This year we have seen many TV manufacturers bringing out lots of new 3DTVs, but it seems that consumers are not totally convinced by the technology. A report is predicting that in the UK less than half of the homes which will have the technology in their homes won’t be using it.

Informa Telecoms & Media are predicting that by 2016 less than half of the homes which are expected to have a 3DTV will actually be watching 3D content. Sales are expected to continue going up but how often owners watch something in 3D is another matter. The company last year said that 90% of homes actively watched 3D content on their sets, but this has been put down to early adopters of the technology were more likely to pay for 3D content.

It is thought that as the majority of new TVs have 3D capability as standard the percentage of owners using 3D content will continue to fall. According to an article on Gamasutra in the future new TVs will have 3D as an extra feature instead as the main selling point.

We have also seen the technology finding its way into gaming with the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 3 both being able to produce 3D images. But the take up of the 3DS hasn’t been as big as Nintendo would have wanted to start with. Some people have also complained of headaches when using the 3DS or watching a lot of 3D content on a TV screen.

There have also recently been movie goers turning their back on 3D with many opting to watch some of the latest releases in 2D instead. The latest installment of Pirates of the Caribbean and Kung Fu Panda 2 saw audiences turning their back on 3D to watch the standard version instead.

Some of this could be down to the price of going to the cinema as it normally costs more to watch in 3D, but consumers could be growing tired of it. One big problem which has affected sales of 3DTVs is the cost of extra 3D glasses, and wearing them for prolonged periods.

Do you own a 3DTV? How often do watch 3D content?

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  • james braselton

    hi there yes i just got my sony 32 inch 3d bravia hooked up today soo i have not got time to use 3d today tomarow i need a sony 3d blu-ray player and the wi-fi adapter too then i can consume as much 3d as i want becuase 3d took soo long i will be watching a lot of 3d content just like on my 3ds and my 3d camcorder from apikit i2 3d camcorder just not in one day may be month at the recomanded levels a few hours or up too 3 3d movies but then i am not humman instead a master chief spartan 117 soo we can go infint daiminsions