Fujitsu launches BooksV – new online e-book service

Have all the digital content you need as Fujitsu launches BooksV, the new online e-book service. With a wide variety of over 300,000 titles to access Fujitsu’s BooksV will make it Japan’s largest online e-book store. The compatibility with various platforms, including tablets, PCs and smartphones gives users the opportunity to get the digital information they need quick and easy no matter where they are.

The launch of BooksV by Fujitsu Limited was on June 22, 2011 in Tokyo, and to commemorate this occasion Fujitsu launched a BooksV opening sales campaign. Twenty e-book manuals, like practical guides to PC operations and study guides for certification exams were made available from the publication unit of Fujitsu FOM Limited will be offered free of charge until July 10, 2011.

Fujitsu BooksV gets its contents based on a partnership with, Inc., an affiliate of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd and Fujitsu Group companies G Search Limited and the publication unit of Fujitsu FOM Limited. The Fujitsu BooksV will offer a wide selection of different content with genres, literature, how-to publications to lifestyle useful for both business and personal life.

Have useful information when you need it and find a book you want to read. Users will now be able to purchase just the chapters or articles they want. Maybe you are compiling information for your business or you want to learn and read something that could be beneficial. BooksV is ideal for use on different platforms such as Android OS-enabled smartphones, tablets and PCs running Windows 7, Vista, or the XP operating systems.

All of the summer 2011 models of Fujitsu’s FMV series of PCs for consumers come with a pre-installed desktop icon that links to the BooksV website. Over 300,000 titles of articles, magazines, research and statistical reports are available for you to enjoy and this represents the largest online e-book store in Japan as of June 2011, according to Fujitsu’s internal research. For more information on Fujitsu BooksV and getting started, visit



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