Verizon may pay with Droid Bionic mass walkout to HTC

By Alan Ng - Jun 22, 2011

We have previously told you how Motorola may face stiff competition with their Droid Bionic up against Apple and their mighty fifth generation iPhone, but now Verizon may also suffer as a result of Motorola’s lack of communication involving the 4G LTE handset, and it could reap dividends for rivals HTC.

If you have been keeping an eye on which handsets are going to be the most dominant forces throughout the rest of 2011, you’ll know that the iPhone 5 and the Droid Bionic are front-runners, despite both handsets yet to be officially unveiled by either Apple or Motorola.

However, one handset manufacturer which is keeping a close eye on developments for these two upcoming juggernaut handsets is HTC, as they’ll be hoping recent ‘delays’ for both will give them the opportunity to prize consumers away with their own collection of Android based smartphones.

HTC are in the great position that their two strongest smartphones will both be available to buy throughout their Summer. We’re of course talking about the HTC EVO 3D on Sprint, and the HTC Sensation on T-Mobile which is the first handset to come shipped with their super slick Sense 3.0 UI.

Verizon customers may be reluctant to part with the carrier they believe to be the most reliable, but when Verizon fail to inform customers about any updates involving the Droid Bionic, then customers may be tempted to jump to another carrier such as T-Mobile or Sprint since they already have the two handsets available.

Verizon on the other hand will be left to mull on their failure to communicate more effectively with their customers. We can excuse the iPhone 5 from this argument since Apple hasn’t even announced the device yet, but the world already knows about the Droid Bionic, and the lack of information thus far is nothing short of mind boggling.

Should the blame be placed entirely with Motorola, or Verizon since it’s their responsibility as a carrier to keep the public informed about upcoming smartphone releases. One thing is for sure though, Verizon’s situation with consumers right now is only going to be good for HTC as they look to move ahead of Apple, Samsung and Motorola in the smartphone market.

If you have been planning to get a Droid Bionic on Verizon, let us know if you are currently considering moving carrier to pick up either the HTC Sensation or HTC EVO 3D. Is HTC now a strong player in the market in your eyes, or do you still believe that the Droid Bionic and iPhone 5 are the two handsets that are going to carry Motorola and Apple this year.

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  • I would never consider another HTC phone. Tried the Thunderbolt and loved the 4G speed, but it was a lousy phone. HTC’s bluetooth and voice dial are not ready for prime time. Checked the online forums and found it to be a universal problem. Returned it before my 14 days were up.

    • Manny Subia

      Good to know!…..Personally after all this Motorola Bionic fiasco I’m ready to pick up the SII now