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Netflix push fix in latest HTC Evo 4G update

Android updates seem to be coming in thick and fast, which are due to many bugs and other problems. The Netflix push fix is just the latest HTC Evo 4G update and helps to fix a number of issues. The handset has only recently received an update, so was a surprise that another was released after a few short weeks after.

Debbie Turner from Online Social Media reports that Sprint has pushed this OTA update to solve an issue with Netflix compatibility, as it had been taken away – but not any more. That’s not the only fix in this update, as a problem with SMS has now been resolved. This was a serious problem, as some messages were being sent to the wrong contacts – and we all know what trouble that can get us in.

Update 4.24.651.1 has a number of other new feature updates, such as enhancements or fixes to email attachments, multiple Gmail sync, battery discharge issues, easier access for download management, voicemail notification, as well as that all-important Netflix issue

This update is not available to all, and should only be applied to those HTC EVO 4G handsets that are running 4.22.651.2 Gingerbread or 3.70.651.1 FroYo. Under no circumstances should you attempt to download and install the update if you do not have these versions.

We do not expect the battery fix to increase its life, as we already reported that this is not too shabby. However, it is not likely to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S II, as the battery on this handset is said to be a class beater. Having said that, we have to remember that the HTC handset uses 4G, which as we know is a real drain on battery power. It will be interesting to see how the 4G version of the Galaxy S2 performs, if released next month?

For those looking for a tablet to match this handset, then in just three days time the HTV EVO View 4G should hit sprint stores. However, you will need to sign another two-year contract and part with $399.99 – not sure how many people will agree to that?

If none of these are for you but still wish to stick with HTC, then may we suggest the HTC EVO 3D? This is rumored to be one of the best Android handsets coming to market, as it has a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and 1GB or RAM. We expect Sprint to release this in the summer.



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