Mobile device charging t-shirt from Orange, ideal for music festivals

By Chris Cook - Jun 21, 2011

There are several ways to charge the battery on our mobile devices and gadgets nowadays, which is handy as almost everyone owns a mobile device of some sort these days. So when simply plugging in an adapter to the nearest electrical point is not an option, there is no need to worry as there are others ways to keep your battery going.

The latest news we have today is of a cool and convenient way to get more juice for your gadgets or mobile devices with a device-charging t-shirt from mobile network Orange. This concept emerged today and will allegedly use the power of sound to charge up your smartphone or any battery powered handset device.

The t-shirt itself would not do much for your style even though we would think you were cool for wearing it as I’m sure a lot of other tech appreciators would. Besides, the use and convenience of the t-shirt serves far more purpose than the design of the clothing, you could always wear something else over the top.

The way it works is by using vibrations from sounds, music and noise close by, which are picked up by the piezoelectric film that it has. The kinetic energy from the vibrations is then converted into electricity, and depending on how much noise is going on around you determines the amount generated.

So if you’re at a music festival or concert the amount of electricity would be far more substantial than if you were just listening to music in your room. According to the article at ExpertReviews there is yet to be a prototype released from Orange and no news as of yet when you will be able to purchase such a device.

If the mobile device charging t-shirt idea is not for you, there are also many other options for you’re stuck. We previously brought you news of the Proporta TurboCharger 5000 which is capable of charging virtually any of your gadgets and can be taken with you wherever you are thanks to its small size.

We also brought you news of the Nokia phone charging bicycle, which like the t-shirt converts kinetic energy into electric energy, so you can charge your mobile whilst riding to work for example. Check out the links above for more details on the various charging devices. Does the t-shirt charger appeal to you? What other devices do you use to charge your gadgets?

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  • according to the metro website these will go on trial at the glastonbury festival this weekend. i have to admit if the technology works, ill be hard pressed not to buy one for bestival this year. sounds like it could very well work, but will it be better than standard solar power?? i would like to think that at least one wearable device will be buyable this year before september