Counting the cost of COD Black Ops maps ending in Annihilation

By Jamie Pert - Jun 22, 2011

Since the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Treyarch‘s developers have been busy patching the game and bringing new DLC, so far we have seen the First Strike Map pack arrive along with the Escalation map pack, now we are awaiting the release of the Annihilation map pack which hits Xbox Live on June 28th and other platforms at a later date, today we will look at how much people have spent on Black Ops since it arrived.

When it arrived (ignoring pre-orders) Black Ops had an RRP of $59.99, each map pack which arrived cost gamers $15 (1200 Microsoft Points), which means that by the time you have bought the Annihilation DLC you would have paid roughly $105 on Black Ops alone, but what did you get for your money?

Firstly the game’s campaign is engrossing, exciting and fulfilled most of the critic’s expectations and desires, then we have to talk about the game’s multiplayer aspects. People love to hate Call of Duty games and we often see derogatory comments posted on our website, however the fact of the matter is that you got 14 maps upon launch and lots of different game modes which have kept millions of gamers happy for months, the 3 lots of DLC each consist of 4 multiplayer maps each, therefore by the time Annihilation arrives there will 26 maps to play on, not bad eh?

For many, including me, it is all about zombies, upon purchase you got three maps “Five”, “Kino der Toten” and a top-down shooter called “Dead Ops Arcade”, each DLC map pack has brought a new zombie map, First Strike brought us Ascension, Escalation brought us Call of the Dead and Annihilation will bring us “Shangri La”, which means in total standard editions of Black Ops with all of the DLC allowed you to play 6 zombie maps, if you bought the Hardened or Prestige editions you also got 4 extra remastered zombie maps from World at War, these are Der Riese, Nacht Der Untoten, Shi No Numa and Verruckt. The Hardened edition of Black Ops cost $79.99 and the Prestige edition cost $129.99.

We think that the Annihilation DLC will be the last for Black Ops as it is not too long now until Modern Warfare 3 arrives, we wanted you to reflect on the money you have spent on Black Ops and how many hours of fun you have received in return. I have done some very rough calculations and I have had Black Ops 141 days and spent a total of $89.99 on it so far, some nights I have played for up to 6 hours some days I have not played at all, therefore as an average I will say I have played for 2 hours per night for 141 days, this means I have enjoyed at least 282 hours on Black Ops, this means that it I have paid roughly $0.32 per hour to play Black Ops, who said games were overpriced?

Are you happy with the value for money Black Ops has delivered?

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  • Joker_666k

    Hi I’ve been looking for information all over the internet and I’m hoping you can answer me.. if you are an black ops player you must have noticed that when you buy a map pack such as ffirst strike, or escalation.. this specific map pack appears on the Player match.. I recently bought the escalation map pack and there it was… on the Player match but since Anialention came.. I can’t get access to the escalation map pack !! did I just wasted my money on a map pack -.-‘  please help

    Ps : I’m from Portugal, sorry if I made some written mistakes.

  • Henry Ritchie

    you did your math wrong dude. if you only paid .03 cents an hour for 282 hours you would only have payed 8.46$

    • Jamie Pert

      hmmm what have i done here lol!

  • Bianca Andreasen

    Just to put things in perspective, I live in Australia and paid $120 for the game, then about $24 for each map pack. After getting the third one, that brings it to around $192 for the game. The Aussie dollar is currently worth more than the U.S. So work that one out. The game I can understand, it’s a different format. But the MS points??
    I play a lot of online mulitplayer so I don’t mind so much paying extra for a game I play a lot.

  • I’m happy with the amount of money spent on buying Black Ops and the DLC. Even though I bought one copy new at $59.99, and then bought another copy used for $35 just 2 weeks ago and I’ve bought both First Strike and Escalation and plan on buying Annihilation next week. The campaign, Zombie maps and Multiplayer maps make it all worth it for me. I play Black Ops just about every day and I can’t say I’ve done that with many other games.