US government gets $500m funding for cyber defense technology

Hacking has become a household word as of late with all the news that has been scattered across the media recently. We at Product Reviews have brought you several recent stories about various companies being the victims of the cyber-crime.

Having previously brought you news of the IMF getting hacked before news emerged that the CIA website had been allegedly the victim of the LulzSec group, it seems as though hacking is on the rise. Today’s news also suggests this as it was revealed that the US government has been given over $500m funding for cyber defense technology.

The money will go towards building a system that replicates the internet and will allow researchers to mimic attacks in order to find solutions for stopping them. The simulations may also offer ways of attacking back as well as ways to defend.

According to the article at the BBC, defense against cyber-attacks has been one of President Obama’s priorities as he feels it poses a major threat to the country. Check out the full article by clicking the link above for more details about the US defense against hacking.

Do you agree with Obama that cyber-crime is a major threat to the country?



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