Sega latest victims as hacking becomes regular occurrence

As usual we have been doing our best to provide our readers with the latest news in the tech world. Last week we brought some alarming hack attacks to your attention, including news that IMF had been hacked before LulzSec claimed they’d hacked the CIA website. Not to mention the infamous attack on the PSN which Sony has only just finished dealing with.

It seems these types of cyber-crimes are becoming more and more a regular occurrence and today is no different as we have news that the next victim of hacking is the games company Sega. According to the report at The Telegraph, an email has been issued to customers warning them that some data had been obtained by hackers via a hack on the company’s Sega Pass service.

Details such as encrypted passwords, D.O.B and email addresses were amongst the ones accessible to hackers. Sega reassured that payment details were safe as they are handled by third party companies. Changing login details for other services or sites using the same information was also recommended by the company.

For the time being the service is suspended while the infringement is investigated. With all these hacks occurring it seems there is no company that is safe from cyber-criminals. Who will be the next victims of hacking?

What do you think can be done to stop crimes like these happening over and over again?



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