Photon 4G vs. Droid Bionic: Motorola phone for impatient

By Peter Chubb - Jun 18, 2011

Now some of you may wonder why we want to talk about the Photon 4G and the Droid Bionic in the same post; well the simple answer is that this is the Motorola phone for the impatient. The reason we say this is because this is the only other 4G handset, and with not knowing when the Droid Bionic will be released due to delays the Photon could be stepping on a few toes.

We can already hear readers shouting out “What about the Atrix.” OK, granted this is technically a 4G handset, but you have to remember that it is more like 3.5G, as the technology used is old by current standards. So with both the Photon 4G and Droid Bionic sharing most of the same specifications as each other it might come down to which one becomes available first.

This subject takes us back to out recent Samsung article earlier, as they never really offer two flagship models so close to each other. Now Motorola is a fine example of doing the complete opposite. The reason why the two models are almost the same is due to the fact that the Bionic is Verizon bound, whereas the Photon is heading to Sprint. This is a little like what Samsung did with the Samsung Galaxy S ad now the second-generation of that handset.

We mentioned the Atrix above and how it is not really a fully-fledged 4G device; well the Photon shares something in common, it will use a LapDock to transform it into a netbook. This ability will make the Photon 4G more versatile than the likes of the Galaxy S II, although do not think for one moment that Samsung’s flagship handset will lose out on sales due to the lack of this feature – although it is pretty cool.

Motorola desperately needs these two new 4G handset, as they are a struggling brand when compared to the likes of Samsung, who now looks to overtake Nokia as the world’s number one cell phone maker. However, the issue is not a quick fix, but we have seen time and again how Motorola has bounced back before after a few years on the sidelines. They had huge success in the past with the RAZR, but then spent a few years in obscurity, it was not until the launch of their first Android handset – the Droid – that things started getting better for them

So there you have it, two similar phones on two different carriers – the choice is yours people.

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  • Rex_D

    Well, actually there is no choice yet.  Neither phone is available yet.  The Bionic isn’t even official again yet.  The problem with Motorola is that they are one of those companies who can’t live up to the hype.  I have a Motorola, in fact the first cell phone I ever bought 16 years ago was a Motorola… but this is what Motorola always does and why they keep bobbing up and down.  The do something good (the flip phone, the Razr, the original Droid and the Droid X) but THEN they F it all up (the Xoom, the Droid X2, the delayed Bionic).  Just when people think “Hey, that Motorola is pretty good, I might become a loyal Motorola consumer”, they go and disappoint people…. losing the opportunity to grab hold of potential loyal customers and keep them.

    • Rex_D

      And by the way… MANY customers have been patiently waiting on the Bionic for several months.  To say the Photon is the Bionic for the impatient is really unfair.  People can only wait for so long without word from Motorola.  If Motorola released a statement, or some specs, or a tentative release date… people would continue to wait…. patiently.  But instead they fail to meet their obligations.  The Xoom for example… how many people bought it with the understanding that they would have a working SD slot and a 4g modem within a few weeks to months?  Those people STILL don’t have what was promised.  The Bionic was announced in January… and yet Motorola failed to meet that promise as well.  3 4g phones have been release on Verizon since Motorola announced the delay in the Bionic.  POINT is…. people are not really impatient, as the title of your article claims.