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GAEMS G155 for PS3 / Xbox 360 games anywhere

This year has seen the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, and the official announcement of the PlayStation Vita handheld gaming device. But if you would prefer something better how about the GAEMS G155 for PS3/Xbox 360 games anywhere you go.

The GAEMS G155 is not your normal travel case for your games console; it’s a fully fledged portable gaming system. It has its own 15.5-inch 720p LED display, stereo speakers, and even has dual headphone sockets. The display has its very own HDMI connection to fully utilize your games console.

Your console is firmly held in place via straps and a foam base, as well as allowing for full ventilation. When not in use the strong and rugged case protects your console from bumps and scrapes, and built in storage bags hold all your controllers, power supplies, and other gaming accessories.

The portable gaming system is suitable for the Xbox 360 and 360S, and PlayStation 3 Slim. Unfortunately if you have one of the old fat PS3s you are out of luck. It is available for pre-order now on Amazon for $299, with a June 23rd shipping date. It is also set to hit the UK next month. Find out more about the device here.

Will you be ordering the Gaems G155?



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