Father’s Day gifts for Apple Dad: iCufflinks

Trying to find that perfect Father’s Day gift can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. But we may have some help for you especially if your dad has a love of the iOS world. Today we can show you some Father’s Day gifts for the Apple dad and the iCufflinks.

The stylish looking iCufflinks are dedicated to the iOS platform and are made from machined aluminum, and have a subtle flashing LED. Made from the “finest 6 series aluminum”, it is promised that they are not only durable but a piece of beauty too.

Inside the iCufflink is a tiny circuit board battery and flashing LED, which is said to be similar to the breathing LED pattern found on many MacBooks and iMacs. As you are getting ready to go out, just put the battery in and the LED will start to pulse.

The batteries last for 24 hours of continuous use, and each order will come with two sets of batteries. Replacements are also available from the company. Each set is designed and made in North America, with machining done in Toronto and assembly in New York. If you like the look of the iCufflinks they retail for $128.



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