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Droid 2 Global Android Gingerbread update not coming yet if at all

A few days ago we gave you the news that owners of the Motorola Droid 2 Global were about to receive the next version of Android, after a post by Verizon. Now we have news that the Droid 2 Global Android Gingerbread update is not coming yet, if at all.

According to an article on, a Motorola spokesperson has ended any hopes of the update arriving soon, or even at all. After confirming the Gingerbread update was not rolling out, the spokesperson couldn’t give a clue when it might be arriving either.

This has been one of the Android platforms biggest criticisms, as the OS updates are often fragmented with users running many different versions of the Android operating system. Handset manufacturers often delay updates with their own customized UIs, and carriers themselves can be slow in rolling out the updates.

Recently we had owners of the HTC Desire being told one day that they were not going to get the Android Gingerbread update, only to see this change the following day after HTC announced they were adapting the software to fit the device.

Google have admitted themselves this is a major problem for the platform, and have since teamed up with cell phone manufacturers to find a solution and push out updates quicker. So all is not lost if you are a Droid 2 Global owner as you could still get Android Gingerbread eventually.

Are you disappointed in the delay of the update?



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