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Sign Docs app for iOS: Say goodbye to paper transactions

Become greener and make life easier with the Sign Docs app for the iPad and say goodbye to paper transactions.

Sign Docs by Sulaba Inc is a digital signature and business document manager app that will release you from paper transactions. Make the most of you time with Sign Docs and organize business clients storing as many files as deemed necessary.

Use different labels instantly and move categories around your documents to assist your next meeting. Edit your mistakes without having to start again. You may find your client is unable to attend a meeting and you need a signature, with Sign Docs you can send your document using email for them to return.

If you cannot remember whether the right information has been gathered, there is no need to go back to the workplace just load those documents on your screen. With Sign Docs, the easy view bookshelf library will allow you to organize and access all the information you need.

Make life easier and feel like your part of a greener environment with Sign Docs. For more details, head over to the App Store.



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