Samsung unveils SGH-T528G feature phone: Heading to TracFone soon

By Tina Chubb - Jun 17, 2011

Although more and more people are buying high-end smartphones like the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S II these days, there are still people out there that don’t care for high specs and advanced features and just want a simple feature phone.

If you fall into the latter category and you are thinking about buying a new phone, then you’ll be pleased to know that Samsung has just unveiled the new SGH-T528G feature phone. As Kunal at notes, the handset will be heading to TracFone very soon.

The SGH-T528G features a 3-inch touch screen display and unlike other touch screen handsets that run on the Google Android operating system, the SGH-T528G feature phone actually runs on Samsung’s proprietary OS. It also comes with the TouchWiz 2.0 user interface

It also comes with a 2-megapixel camera with video recording capabilities, 3G support and Wi-Fi connectivity for faster and more convenient uploading, downloading and streaming, Bluetooth technology, quick and easy social networking access and a battery that provides up to 6 hours of talk time.

You can learn a bit more about the Samsung SGH-T528G phone over on the website. Are you thinking about buying a new feature phone?

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  • Anonymous

     This groovy SGH-T528G seems bound to take the budget phone market by the throat.  This touch-sensitive phone is surely going to be affordable, as is the Tracfone LG800G touch phone and I think this type of phone is also  what the top players are offering.
    This is a great phone for feature thirsty youth who thrive on a budget.
    I totally love the look of this phone and would like to have a snazzy Tracfone for a change.  I think allot of people are going to give their kids their old tracfones phones to buy this new model when it hits the stores.

    • Anonymous

      err…”youth who thrive on a budget” ?! you do realize that you shouldn’t feed animals in a zoo, or tease a dog, or for that matter put a piece of cheese out, if you don’t want to harm the mouse?
      I’m a bit surprised to see this phone on tracfone’s handset options. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that tracfone are upgrading, and I’ve always advocated the need for a phone with a music player on tracfone’s list of options – but the browsing capabilities of this phone would not be in sync as to what tracfone offer in their plans – not data.

  • Anonymous

    Alright, I can only assume that this phone won’t be making it’s way to the basic Tracfone brand, but will instead end up with Straight talk, or Net10. The browsing capabilities of the phone is far too condusive to data usage than for what basic tracfone plans provide (as opposed to Strraight talk’s $45 unlimited plan). On the flip side, if you were a little more savvy, the wifi capabilities of the phone should negate that problem – if you had the self discipline…very cool addition none the less.