Researchers invent method for development of Smell-O-Vison

Most people watch TV as a source of entertainment. The images on the screen trigger an emotional response from the brain from sight and from the sounds we hear. It seems now however that researchers have invented a way of triggering another sense with potential of Smell-O-Vision.

You may have all heard of scratch-n-sniff, where an item, normally a solid object that you’d expect to be otherwise odorless, gets it surface scratched to reveal a familiar scent. I seem to remember my FIFA 2001 disc on the PlayStation was a scratch-n-sniff example which revealed the smell of grass or a football pitch.

The researchers, from the University of California, have now apparently manufactured a smell-what-you-see concept using high tech equipment with a little help from the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology. They have found a way to produce odors and pack them into a device that would fit on your TV.

The odor is produced from a gas which when heated gives off a scent from a small hole in the hardware. A working product is yet to be developed but the team has tested the method on scents from Elizabeth Taylor and J-Lo, and Smell-O-Vision may be appearing on TVs in the future. Check out the article at UCSD for more details on how the method will work.

What do you think of this concept?



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