Readers decide Verizon’s Droid Bionic before iPhone 5 confirmed

If you are having trouble deciding which smartphone you prefer then maybe the news we have for you here will help you make your decision. We recently did a poll which asked our readers which device they were considering and just over two weeks later with more than 1,000 votes we already have some significant results.

The poll fabricated from news of the two most anticipated yet elusive smartphones the Apple iPhone 5 and the Motorola Droid Bionic. The two devices have been talked about for months now and both are expected to make an appearance this year but still no exact date.

The popularity of the iPhone 4 is clear for everyone to see and the next generation iPhone 5 is expected to be just as successful, perhaps even more so. While the Droid Bionic promises to be one of the most powerful Android smartphones and is just as attractive to those that prefer Google’s OS.

The closest news we’ve had to a release date for the Bionic is just this summer and now we are here with still no device there have been suggestions that a lack of release details could tempt those that were hoping to get one to consider waiting for the iPhone 5 instead which is expected in September.

The results from the poll so far seem to suggest otherwise with most of those who want a Droid Bionic sticking to their guns. Check out the article by Alan Ng by clicking the link above to see the results of the poll for yourself. Are you still waiting for the Droid Bionic or are you more tempted by the iPhone 5?



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