PowerSkin battery case collection now includes HTC Desire HD, Inspire 4G

By Chris Cook - Jun 17, 2011

Smartphone devices are one of the most common pieces of technology with most people owning one. iPhones have a variety of accessories available such as cases, some of these cases even offer features other than protection like battery charging.

Today we have news of two new silicone charging cases designed for the Android smartphones HTC Desire HD and Inspire 4G. these cases come from a company called PowerSkin who also offer similar cases for the iPhone 4, BlackBerry Bold, Curve and other Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy S 4G.

Each of the black silicone sleeves is soft yet durable and features a built in battery which promises up to an extra 8 hours out of your smartphone and 1500mAh. The also feature a set of LED lights on the back that indicate the level of life left on the case.

They will set you back $60 if you’re interested in buying one and can be ordered from Amazon now. Check out the link to order yours now, you can also hit the link above for the official website where you will find more details on the PowerSkin cases.

Will you be getting a PowerSkin case for extra life on your smartphone?

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