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New Macbook Air: Mac OS X Lion upgrade signals brief release delay

If you have been keeping an eye on the speculation surrounding new Macbook Air models recently, we have an important update for you. It has now been reported that Apple will wait until Fall at least to release new models, so that they can be equipped with the brand new version of Mac OS X Lion.

While some of you who had hoped to pick up a new model over Summer may be disappointed about this, this move will likely be seen as far more beneficial to consumers since they’ll be able to experience a brand new state of the art Macbook Air notebook with the latest version of Apple’s operating system.

According to a report over at Apple Insider, the new models will be equipped with a Thunderbolt port and Sandy Bridge processors, and Apple will now wait until a Golden Master release of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is ready, before releasing the new device to eager consumers.

We’re sure current Macbook Air owners will not be too bothered about this new insight, especially since they’ll only have to wait a few months more to get their hands on one. Don’t forget that the current Macbook Air will be compatible with a $29.99 upgrade for Mac OS X Lion, but those who have the cash to spare will be forking out on the new models at the first opportunity.

Are you waiting in line for a new model? Let us know your thoughts on Apple’s apparent decision to hold off from release until Mac OS X Lion is ready – do you welcome the move or not.



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