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Mortal Kombat DLC: Skarlet release date, compatibility pack explained

We have some great news for Mortal Kombat owners now, as NetherRealm Studios have finally put a solid release date down for the Skarlet DLC character that has been teased throughout the last few weeks.

She will be officially available to download on June 21st, but she won’t be coming alone. We’ve also heard that players will be able to download a free compatibility pack for the game, which will enable players who don’t buy the Skarlet DLC, to still fight her online.

Furthermore, this compatibility pack will also include 2 classic skins from Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for Cryax and Sektor, both of which will be free to download. This is excellent news for those who are a bit unhappy with the fact that NSR charged for the retro skin pack, despite the fact that they were already contained on the disc as seen in one of the Challenge Tower missions where you have to fight classic Scorpion as classic Sub Zero.

If you are planning on picking up Skarlet for the game, she will be available for $4.99 or 400 Microsoft points, as reported from ShackNews. Don’t forget that Rain, Kenshi and another unknown character are already confirmed to be coming for the game soon, so players are definitely going to be kept busy over the Summer.

Will you be downloading the Skarlet DLC? Let us know your thoughts on the paid for / on-disc DLC debate that is going on. Personally speaking, there isn’t much argument here as it’s a small fee to pay for the amount of work that NetherRealm Studios are putting in to add the extra content. $4 is hardly going to break the bank here, but it’s great that they are still offering Cyrax and Sektor retro outfits as an extra sweetener.



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