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iPhone camera filming ban: Apple product avoidance justified?

For those of you who are planning to drop your Android or smartphone device in favor of the new iPhone 5 that is allegedly on the way this year, we come with a word of warning for you.

It has just been revealed that Apple are planning to ban the use of using your iPhone to film footage from live concerts, because it goes against the wishes of concert organisers and broadcasters who have exclusive rights to the concert.

A new patent uncovered by PatentlyApple reveals that Apple will use a new technology to automatically turn off the camera on your iPhone device when it detects that you are using it to film live video footage. The new plan will work via the use of infrared receivers on the iPhone, connecting with transmitters that are placed on stage. When the two interact with each other, Apple will disable the use of your camera temporarily. Other features of the iPhone such as sending messages and making calls will operate as normal.

Although we sympathize with concert broadcasters to an extent, this seems like a pretty outrageous move by Apple to lock down a very popular feature with consumers. Just when you thought Apple had stopped their controlling ways, they pull this cracker out of the bag which is surely set to upset music lovers.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the iPhone, it’s a fantastic device but is this taking things a step too far? You often read comments on the internet from consumers who vow never to buy an Apple product in their lives, and which actions just like this – you can almost justify their views.

If you are someone who likes to shoot a short live clip of a particular artist at a live venue, and then upload it to sites like YouTube for other music lovers to enjoy, get in touch with us on your thoughts on this. For those that are interested, you can view the patent listing here.



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