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Duke Nukem Forever: Metacritic 0/10 review makes Duke a laughing stock

We have some surprising news to bring you now, and you’ll probably want to look away if you’re a Duke Nukem fan, as it has been revealed that the latest game Duke Nukem Forever, has received a 0/10 score on aggregate review website Metacritic.

If you’ve taken a look at the Metacritic review page for the game, you’ll have seen that the reviews are not too favorable for Duke’s long awaited return unfortunately, but we still didn’t expect to see a 0/10 right at the bottom of the pile.

On closer inspection, the 0/10 score provided by 1UP actually seems to be a result of Metacritics scoring system, rather than 1UP just being blatently harsh towards the game. They actually reviewed the game an ‘F’, and Metacritic took this lettered score and translated it into a 0.

With the terrible score aside, do you really think the game is that bad? We do realise that the graphics are pretty shocking considering how long it’s been in development, but are all the criticisms justified? A few quotes from reviews we’ve picked out include the lines ‘embarrassing‘ (GameTrailers), ‘Duke deserves better‘ (PALGN) and ‘This game takes an icon and turns him into a laughingstock‘ (Gamespot) – ouch on that last one.

What are your thoughts on the miserable scores for Duke Nukem Forever, did it really deserve a 0/10?



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