Chrysler recall list affects 11 models in 2011

By Peter Chubb - Jul 14, 2011

Now we cannot be certain, but this is the first Chrysler recall list in 2011, and we have to inform current owners that there are 11 models affected in all. The last time we can remember a recall for this auto company was back in November 2010. The 11,351 models consists of a range of vehicles from the Detroit auto company due to an issue with the steering wheel, which in some cases could collapse when involved in an accident.

Thankfully there have not been any crashes due to the problem, but Chrysler still needs to address the issue, as they do not want to take any risks. The route of the problem is due to the fact that a rivet has either been installed wrongly or not at all. Chrysler currently has 20 2011 models on the market, so this means that over half of them will be affected by this latest recall.

The list of vehicles are as follows: Caliber, Caravan minivan, Chrysler 200, Dodge Avenger, Journey CUV, Jeep Compass wagon, Liberty, Nitro SUV, Patriot, Town and Country minivan and finally the Wrangler. All of the aforementioned vehicles were built in April or May.

The NHTSA had first made the issue sound much worse that it was, but did retract what they said. Chrysler is expected to contact both dealers and owners in July on their plans, but AJC reports that they will check to see if the rivets are there or have been installed correctly; if they have not then the issue will be dealt with free of charge.

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  • why si i aee N d f]or one of the mosy horrible cars, a cadillac, when i am gvetting transferred from a site which seems to be telling you about a problem with a chrysler product ?
    well,they are trying to screw the compwtition i guess.
    all i can say about a chrysler product is that i just drove a chrysler pt cruiser through the 200000 mile window with not more than spending about 3500 $ worth of service cost icludinf the cost of tires.
    this was the best car i had ever bought…………….