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Battlefield 3: PS3 graphics shown, are gamers satisfied?

As expected, EA DICE unveiled the world premiere gameplay footage of Battlefield 3 running on the PlayStation 3, the first time it has even been shown on a console. After watching the gameplay, what are your immediate thoughts on the graphics?

We all knew that the game was never going to look as good as the PC, EA DICE even confirmed that weeks ago. But minus some obvious lighting and textures that make the PC version stand out, we feel EA DICE has done a pretty fine job of implementing the Frostbite 2.0 engine on console.

The core elements that we all saw in the PC version are there or there abouts in the PS3 version, and it looks nothing short of phenomenal on the system. It’s an obvious step-up in visuals from Bad Company 2 and dare we say it, the visuals are looking much crisper than Modern Warfare 3 – we’ll go into that in detail another time though.

Since this has now opened the floodgates, hopefully we’ll be seeing more of the console version of BF3 soon, which obviously includes the Xbox 360 version too as many gamers are interested in seeing how that compares alongside the PS3 and PC versions as well.

If you have already watched the PS3 gameplay on Jimmy Fallon, let us know what you think of the PS3 version. Are you satisfied with the job EA DICE have done with the graphics, or are you a bit disappointed? We’ve added a semi-high quality version of a recording from the gameplay reveal below, we’ll replace it with a better one when we find it.



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