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Battlefield 3: Physical Warfare DLC will be free, EA explains

We have some refreshing news to bring worried Battlefield 3 gamers now, as EA has finally come out and clarified the confusion surrounding the Physical Warfare pre-order pack for the upcoming shooter.

Karl Magnus Troedsson, the general manager for DICE has posted a statement on the official BF3 blog, in which he reveals that the content included in the Physical Warfare 3 pack will be released FREE for everyone else, at somepoint after the game has released.

However, this does not include the Back to Karkand expansion map pack, as this is a bonus included for fans who pre-order the game before release. What you will get for free though is the extra weapons and equipment included in the Physical Warfare pack.

Basically, you are paying a little extra to have the right to access the content from day one, as opposed to getting it free later on when EA DICE release it. Remember the extra weapons apparently won’t give users an advantage in the battlefield, but it all depends on how you use the weapons in-game.

It’s interesting if this is a complete u-turn by EA DICE after receiving a barrage of abuse over the initial confusion on the DLC, or if it’s what they intended to do all along. Either way, gamers should have no issues with the game now so roll on October 25th, 28th if you’re in Europe.

What is your reaction to the news? We’re guessing that most of you are delighted about this. Spare a thought for those premature gamers who have already cancelled their pre-orders, thinking that EA wouldn’t be making any changes to the content.



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