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Nintendo Wii U: Is the excitement still there after problems

With all the mishaps going on with the Nintendo Wii U lately, you wonder if Nintendo are going to struggle to bring their upcoming console back in public favor. After admitting mistakes at their unveiling at E3, the company has now stated that the system won’t play DVDs or Blu-Ray.

We first informed you about this in our previous report yesterday, we now want to focus on what physcological effect this is going to have on consumers, let’s start with what has gone wrong so far.

Although we were very impressed with Nintendo’s new touchscreen controller tablet, it was very disappointing not to see the company show off the actual console at the event, somewhat leaving fans and critics confused at the move.

Afterwards, Nintendo then admitted that footage shown of what we thought was Wii U gameplay actually turned out to be footage from the Xbox 360, PS3, with Nintendo stating that their console is still in development and wasn’t ready to preview the titles live yet.

If this didn’t creative a worried perspective with potential owners, this week’s confirmation that the Wii U won’t support DVD or Blu-Rays and instead using a brand new media disc is probably the final nail in the coffin for some users.

With this in mind, we want to ask you the question: Is the excitement for the Wii U still there? Or has the problems so far put you off a purchase completely? Despite the issues, we remain confident that Nintendo Wii will get back on track and deliver a console which will end up selling millions. The fact that it now offers HD support will open up a new range of consumers, with FPS shooters for example bound to appear on the console.

It’s fair to say that Nitnendo could have handled the unveiling of the Wii U better, but do you think they will recover from this or not?



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