MW3 Spec Ops details, C4 strapped dogs, killstreaks and more

By Jamie Pert - Jun 16, 2011

Since Infinity Ward showed off MW3’s Spec Ops mode on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon the company’s community manager, Robert Bowling aka FourTwoZero, has been hounded with questions regarding this game mode and he has been answering them, this has revealed lots of previously unknown Spec Ops information.

There is a lot to get through, firstly we will talk about what players will be able buy with the money they earn whilst playing Spec Ops. Like Zombies there will be weapon locations and equipment locations on the map, there is no sign of a feature like the mystery box, however there will be a location where you can buy a killstreak, we wonder if this will be random. You can see the tweet and the question which accompanied it here.

Someone also asked whether there would be dogs in MW3, and FourTwoZero replied by saying this “There are dogs and dogs with C4 strapped to them in the Spec Ops Survival Mode”, perhaps this will be a special wave like we saw with the perk stealing monkeys and zombie dogs. You can see the corresponding tweets here.

Lots of people have been asking about Spec Ops difficulty, here FourTwoZero confirmed that you will not be able to change the mode’s difficulty, instead each wave will get progressively more difficult, also he said that currently devs have reached wave 22 (here), however they are still working on the mode’s balance.

As for maps we do not have a full breakdown, apparently unlike zombies Spec Ops will be playable on all multiplayer maps, his tweet read “You can play Spec Ops survival mode on any multiplayer map or mission mode in SP locations in #MW3”. Finally in terms of how you can play Specs ops this tweet confirmed that you can play it offline, online, splitscreen, solo or via matchmaking.

So there you have it folks, it looks like Spec Ops is coming along nicely and it will be one of MW3’s major features, do you like the sound of what devs are bringing to the mode?

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  • I wasn’t a big fan of Spec Ops in MW2 but this sounds like a lot more fun, and should be even better when playing with others. Can’t wait! I just hope it runs nice on the PS3…

  • It must be only me, but I wouldn’t fancy kamikaze dogs. Blowing themselves up..

  • It must be only me, but I wouldn’t fancy kamikaze dogs. Blowing themselves up..