HP Palm Pre 3: UK price and release date revealed

By Tina Chubb - Jun 16, 2011

If you’ve been waiting to hear about when the much-anticipated HP Palm Pre 3 smartphone would be arriving in the UK, then I’m pleased to say that we have just the news you have been waiting for. UK retailer Play.com has recently revealed a UK price and release date for the upcoming handset.

According to an article over at slashgear.com by Shane McGlaun, the Palm Pre 3 is available to pre-order now, with shipping down as July 8th. The SIM-free, unlocked price of the Pre 3 smartphone – which runs WebOS 2.2 and is powered by a 1.4GHz Scorpion CPU with a Qualcomm MSM8655 chipset – is £349.99.

The Palm Pre 3, which weighs 156g and measures 111 x 64 16mm, comes with some pretty decent specifications including a 3.58-inch TFT capacitive touch screen with a 480 x 800 resolution, 16GB of internal storage, 512MB of RAM and a landscape slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

The handset has Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) connectivity, and will work on 3G networks. Other features include a 5MP rear camera, active noise cancellation with the built-in microphone, a digital compass, Assisted GPS and support for both MP3 and MP4 files.

You can pre-order the HP Palm Pre 3 smartphone via the Play.com website. Will you be buying the Palm Pre 3?

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  • Anonymous

    I agree with Gavin.  I had the Palm pre plus and it broke. I went to a blackberry, and that was just a terrible experience.  I tried a droid and that was not for me either.  I finally bought a refurb Palm and I felt right at home.  Once you get used to webOS, nothing can compare.  It’s the smartest and most user friendly OS out there.  I will be getting this phone, it’s a fantastic phone and it is the best multitasker on the market.  I just really hope that HP drives home a lot more apps.  Not for my sake, but so more people will jump on board and the Pre will live on. 

    I am also a webOS fan boy and proud of it.

  • Yes I will be getting one, do I take a wild stab that the previous comment is made by an iPhone fan boy. What I seek first from a phone is that it does a great job as a phone. I asked my sixteen year old niece when she got an iPod Touch along with her LG smartphone why she did not simply buy an iPhone responded ‘but it isn’t any good as a phone’.

    HP’s webOS if far superior to iOS, just because something is popular does not actually mean it is the best. HP also has major plans to extend webOS to the desktop PC and laptop as well as having Touch-To-Share in its arsenal.

    Yes I am a webOS fan boy and proud of it.

  • Todd Hyle

    No, NO, NO and I can’t imagine anyone who would buy this phone unless they have a major inferiority complex! If you always wanted to have a phone not quite as good as everyone else then absolutely walk in and get one. There won’t be any crowds and certainly no lines! 3G with few apps? Why would anyone put themselves through this for 2 years?