Google Me on the Web, first steps to protecting online identity

By Chris Cook - Jun 16, 2011

Ever wondered what happens when you search yourself in a search engine like Google for example? Chances are if you have a Facebook account or similar social network account your name will appear. If your security settings are set up on the account itself then nothing more than a picture is normally given away but how do you know how secure your identity is?

Google has introduced a feature which provides a service that allows you to manage what people can see when your name is searched on the internet. This feature is called Me on the Web and can be accessed on your Google Dashboard.

By being able to manage and maintain your details like this it makes it easier to keep your eye on what is available to those searching on the Web thus helping protect yourself against identity theft or other such crimes.

Google says they offer options in protecting your identity as a next step, such as alerts. It is no secret that Google intend to become more social and this new feature, which requires an account with the site, is another way of encouraging people to join.

Check out the article at PCMag for more details. What do you think of the service? Will you be creating an account with Google?

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  • Anonymous

    This new tool from Google really is about managing your reputation rather than protecting your privacy.  Google definitely wants as much personal relevant information as possible to customise its search results and advertising.