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Food Slang 500 app, learn the expressions

How many times have you been in an American diner and hear all of these strange words being shouted out for foodstuff? For those who are not in the know this is called food slang. Now you could try and get someone to teach you all this or go down a much simpler route and download the “Food Slang 500” app to learn all the words and terms.

There is not much too this app, so you will not be able to learn any recipes like you can with the upcoming “Angry Bird Cookbook” app or “Cooking Tips and Tricks.” This app is very simple in the way that you get to learn phrases like what “CackleBerries” means – which is eggs by the way.

There are hundreds more like that, such as Skid grease, Elephant footprint etc. This can be a fun game to play at parties, and believe me some food slang will make you laugh. Using the app is simple, as you only need to swipe or shake your handset to get to the next common expression for food items.

The app is not only available on iOS devices, but also Android as well. The best part is it’s “Free” – cheap for a fun party game wouldn’t you say? However, the only issue with this is you have to put up with those annoying adds below the app.



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