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Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: New details on dragon appearances, difficulty cap

We have some fresh details to bring you on the hugely anticipated RPG Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game now, as lead designer Bruce Nesmith has spoken in detail about the way in which dragons will interact with the player throughout the adventure.

During his interview with IGN, Nesmith revealed that the random dragon appearances are actually built using ‘sophisticated decision systems’ which Bethesda can decide when and where they occur.

As most of you who played Oblivion will know, it was very easy to get into a difficult battle as soon as you step outside the prison for the first time, and those of you worrying that it’s going to be the same for Skyrim with the dragons, need not panic.

Apparently players won’t encounter any ‘tough’ dragons until later on in the game, and the dragons you do encounter towards the beginning of the game will be weakened and you’ll be able to take them down with companions, or by using the environments around you to your advantage.

Enemy balancing is obviously a key part of the Elder Scrolls series, and although there were problems with it in Oblivion, it looks like Bethesda are working hard to see that it’s more tweaked this time around for Skyrim.

One personal memory for me, was being able to access the Umbra sword in Oblivion very early, despite the fact that it was one of the best weapons in the game. Fair enough the sword was very difficult to get, but if you used the right tactics i.e hiding on rocks you could take her down. While it was fun in Oblivion, we doubt Bethesda will allow for similar tactics in Skyrim.

It’s good news about the dragons though, as you obviously don’t want to get killed all the time by random dragon attacks that are overpowered. You can read the full interview over at IGN here. Let us know your thoughts on the dragons in Skyrim. You can view the possible box art for the game if you missed it earlier this week.



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