Battlefield 3: PS3 graphics demo will set record straight on console version

By Alan Ng - Jun 16, 2011

We know a lot of you have been cautious about the fact that we’ve yet to see a console version of Battlefield 3 up and running, but that’s all set to change as EA DICE will be showing off the PS3 version for the very first time on Jimmy Fallon live this Thursday evening.

If you have been tuning into his shows this week, you’ll know that he is having a special ‘video game’ week, having already shown off Gears of War 3, Modern Warfare 3 and now Uncharted 3. He will be the first one to lift the lid on the console version of EA’s upcoming shooter – exciting times.

If you tuned into E3 and watched all previous gameplay videos for BF3, you’ll know that we have only seen the PC version so far, and despite how amazing it looks, some of you are a bit skeptical on whether the graphics quality can be reproduced on console or not.

Time will tell though and we can’t wait to see how BF3 handles on the PS3. EA DICE has already stated that there will be some limitations on the console version like multiplayer player count, but we’re hoping the visuals are there or there abouts. Are you planning to tune into Jimmy Fallon tonight? Let us know your thoughts on the PS3 visuals for the game – do you think they will be on par with PC or not?

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