Xbox 360 holding Kinect back, 720 needed for evolution

By Peter Chubb - Jun 15, 2011

A recent story makes us believe that the Xbox 360 is now holding back the growth of Microsoft’s Kinect system; we have deduced that the 720 is now needed more than ever to help with the evolution of the motion sensing peripheral. The reason we say this is because games are now being held back because of the current console.

An article from Games Industry suggests that it could be another two-years before Kinect is able to offer us the kind of gameplay that we get from a traditional game. By now developers should have been able to come up with new genres for the latest Xbox accessories, but instead we are just getting a few rehashed ones instead.

We cannot blame them, as this is a new market for game developers, but we still cannot help thinking that they would do a much better job if they were told to forget about the Xbox 360 and work on the new 720. However, they would need to know what they are dealing with in terms of specs of the next-gen console. We keep saying that the new Xbox will be called the 720, but we have all seen how we get things wrong – NGP being a fine example of that.

Now we do not want to cause concern and say that these developers should just stop coming up with new titles for Kinect, we just mean that they should be thinking about the future. There are a number of new and exiting games coming up for Kinect, but they still do not have that wow factor like Wii games did when they launched that new console back in 2006.

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  • hyper_boy_4life

    wow factor of the wii ??????? when u played it first i thought what a let down, when i first heard of it i thought of awesome sword fights etc. got it with prince and persia and it was pointless all i had to was twitch my hand for already set moves >< absolutely pointless may as well used a button, ended giving my wii away.