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Voice search for Chrome added, is accuracy good for you?

If you are currently a Google Chrome user, you will have noticed a slick update by Google recently. The search giant has just added one of their most popular Android features onto the desktop, and it comes in the form of voice and image search.

As far as we know, the service is now rolling out to Chrome users in the US and you should be able to use it right now, although it may take some time to appear for the whole of US.

Basically the feature is self explanatory and Google now allows you to search for content by using your voice only. And the accuracy of the search is very impressive as well, as you can see in the included test video over at Mashable below.

According to them, they have the accuracy of Google Voice search for Chrome at around 85%, but of course this will vary depending on the nature of your search. If you have Chrome and you see the voice icon on the right-hand side of your search bar, try it out now and let us know how you get on.

How accurate is Google Voice for you? Did it have any problems with some of your searches or not?



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