TSA accepted and recognized locks from Safe Skies

Keep your luggage safe from intruders and thieves with TSA accepted and recognized locks from Safe Skies.

Safe Skies are able to say that they are leading the way in travel safety concerns, with the biggest amount of various accepted and recognized luggage locks by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs in the U.K. The luggage locks show the proprietary torch symbol for baggage screeners to search, open, lock and identify your luggage.

With luggage theft, going up as noted by the Wall Street Journal in 2009, this can also have an effect on the economy. Even though stopping luggage theft is not ever certain, the feeling is that TSA accepted and recognized luggage locks generally help security and theft is more preventable. Safe Skies have a wide selection of various locks to suit certain requirements for customers.

There is an extensive collection of Safe Skies TSA accepted and recognized luggage locks to choose from with individual styles including Padlocks, Combination locks, Cable locks and Luggage straps. With quality, designs, a lifetime guarantee, and an easy replacement policy for damaged luggage.

Using Safe Skies TSA luggage locks will help you on your trips with confidence in the travel industry. For more information, visit



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