Sony PS Vita specs, proprietary memory cards disappoint

By Jamie Pert - Jun 15, 2011

If you check out the official Sony PlayStation Vita tech specs here you will see that there is no mention of internal storage, we have now found out that it will use memory cards for storage, however we think this is bad news for two reasons.

Firstly the cards which the PS Vita will use look like SD cards, however they are in fact different, this means that people will have to buy propriety memory cards somewhat like they had years ago when Sony products all used Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO and Memory Stick Duo memory cards. Sony’s memory cards usually cost a lot more than more common memory cards and offer no major benefits.

Obviously to a degree the PlayStation Vita will have some built-in storage, however by the looks of things there will be nothing substantial, this could change as Sony reveal more about the Vita in the future but we would have thought that they would have used E3 2011 to boast just how much storage their next-generation portable will offer.

If you head over to Engadget you can see photos of these new memory cards, apparently they will be available in 4, 8, 16, and 32GB capacities, we just don’t understand what advantages a propriety format has over more widely use ultra-fast memory cards such as the new SD cards?

Do you think using propriety memory cards is a disappointment?

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  • I think it’s a disappointment if the memory sticks are the only things you are going to use for memory, like the PS vita. So it’s a disappointment that way. But if the PS vita had it’s own built-in memory storage and if you ever ran out of space on it, then having additional memory from memory sticks would be a good thing, at least in my opinion.