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Sony competitive with Apple nearing 2011 back-to-school season

Kids and students have not even broke up for the summer and already the likes of Sony is getting competitive with Apple as we near the 2011 back-to-school season. The latter has already shown their hand, but do not get too excited, as you will not be getting a free iPod Touch this year.

OK, so we know that the likes of Sony will not offer a $100 free iTunes voucher like Apple or give away any devices. However, what they will do is release a few new laptops that is hoped to take some of the market share away from Apple – seems like a bit of wishful thinking.

According to Venture Beat both machines are said to have competitive pricing, a direct result of the back-to-school season drawing ever closer. First up we have the Sony Vaio C laptop and come in two color choices, Neon Red and Thunder Blue. These laptops, which are powered by an Intel Core i5 processor comes in two sizes, 14 and 15-inch along with an AMD Radeon 1GB GPU and Blu-ray. There is no guessing that this is a multimedia model and will be released on June 19 at a cost of $730.

There are also a few new laptops from the Sony E series, which come in three sizes, 14-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch. These models are plain compared to the C Series above, as are the specs to go with it. These include a choice of AMD or Intel processors and a sub-par graphics card. However, you have to remember that the price tag relates to this, with prices starting at $550.

Now we cannot see how Apple will be worried about these laptops, but that is Sony’s hope.



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