No need to wait for iPhone 5 as Droid Bionic release date could be next month

By Gary Johnson - Jun 15, 2011

It was reported back in April the Motorola Droid Bionic was going to be delayed for what the company said where some enhancements. More recently some of these changes have surfaced with a bigger display rumored. Now there are new rumors of the handset finally being released soon, so consumers need not wait for the iPhone 5.

According to an article on The Pop Herald a recent Verizon press release is hinting the Droid Bionic could come before July 6. This is because the carrier has extended the free 4G LTE mobile hot spotting feature until July 6, before a new software update will be made available and removes the offer.

Currently owners who own a HTC Thunderbolt, LG Revolution, or Droid Charge can use the feature to give their laptops a better connection via 4G LTE. Users will be notified of the offer ending by a text message, and will then require a subscription. Verizon are also set to expand their 4G coverage to another nineteen cites around the same time.

Verizon are rumored to be releasing a new LTE handset very soon so that could also mean the Bionic. So as the free service is ending, Verizon could release the handset and offer other free services to entice more new customers to the handset. The iPhone 5 looks to be coming in September so it makes sense the handset is released as soon as possible.

If the Motorola Droid Bionic is released in the next couple of weeks will you be getting one or wait for the iPhone 5?

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  • Nitrodragon76

    I tell you what verizon and motorola I have droid user since it hit the market in 09 but if you delay the bionic till september out of spite i will get an iphone 5. do the right thing and give the customer what we want and thats the BIONIC

  • Droids are the best phones handsdown, Bionic is the way to go!

    • If it’s ever released. Right now it’s just a picture and a bunch of rumors.

  • Miguel A. Callejas

    My Droid screen just died last night, upgrade it’s June 29th. It is nice to see this (and hope) that it comes out on or around 4th of July weekend.

  • I bet Verizon and Motorola are laughing their asses off at all the convoluted speculation around the release of the Bionic.  It is long over due and if Verizon doesn’t get a dual processor 4G phone out the door soon, they will start to lose customers to AT&T and Sprint.

    • They need to realize that they have a responsibility to their customers/consumers to keep up with the market. Their phones right now are not cutting edge technology. Single-core 4G phones are a waste of customers’ time and money at this point. The other networks are offering 4G, dual-core phones while Verizon lags behind as usual. It’s ridiculous. We should have had the Bionic in February.

  • My best guess is that this rumor has absolutely no validity.  So the hotspots are being renewed for a bit…. so?  And if it were being released in a couple weeks, wouldn’t Motorola be boosting up the advertising?

    • Carlo Reyes

      phone companies (along with carriers) try to announce new devices as close to release as possible for obvious reasons.  they don’t want to cripple the sales of their current devices on the market.