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Mortal Kombat: Rain confirmed, but who is new mystery DLC character?

We have some exciting news for those of you a copy of Mortal Kombat now, as not only as NetherRealm Studios released a brand new story trailer for DLC character Skarlet, they have also confirmed that Rain will be releasing in the Summer as DLC as well – but there’s more!

As most of you will know, Rain was the one notable absentee in the game’s roster, and the one ninja that developed a cult following since his appearance in UMK3 and MKT. We’re glad to say that he will finally be making his way into the game during the Summer, but he will be joined by another mystery DLC character as well.

Check out the story trailer for Skarlet below. At the very end, you’ll see Kenshi and Rain are both teased as coming in the Summer, as well as an unannounced mystery fighter who appears in silhouette form – who could he/she be?

Could it be Chameleon or even better, a brand new fighter for Mortal Kombat? Other guesses could include Tanya, Shinnok or maybe some other characters from Mortal Kombat 4. We would prefer to see a new fighter designed for the game though, so hopefully we’ll find out more details soon.

Firstly, how happy are you that Rain is coming to the game, will you buy him as DLC? Secondly, who do you think the new character is?



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