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Minecraft down: Homepage and log in sites offline, can you access yet?

Despite the fact that Minecraft servers had supposedly come back online after suffering a DDoS attack at the hands of a particular hacking group, it looks like the service is still offline, with gamers unable to play their favorite indie game.

The attack had been carried out by infamous hacking group Lulzsec along with a attack on EVE Online earlier on in the day, with no apparent reason why they decided to bring down both services.

Minecraft’s creator Notch confirmed the attack on his Twitter account, but stated that the service was already back up. However, as most of you will find out by visiting the Minecraft site or log-in section, both aspects appear to be offline at the moment.

Perhaps Lulzsec will offer an explanation as to why they decided to go after Minecraft, as it definitely is a bit of a head-scratcher. The fact that they tweet about it beforehand, and then carry out the planned attacks will be worrying for other game-based services.

Can you log into Minecraft at the moment? Perhaps the service is up in some areas, but down for the rest. Let us know your current location and if the servers came back up for you at all. We’ll inform you when we have any updates on the situation.



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