Live feed of 2011 lunar eclipse today and Google doodle

By Peter Chubb - Jun 15, 2011

You may remember earlier today that we hit briefly on the subject of a Lunar Eclipse, will it is now happening and YouTube has a live feed of the 2011 Lunar Eclipse, and even our favorite search engine is getting in on the action by way of a Google Doodle. If you are in a place where you can view it, then you had best hurry, as it hits max eclipse in under an hour.

The best places to be are in South America, Africa, and parts of Europe, Asia and even Australia. The event started at 2:00 pm EDT and runs for just over 100 minutes. However, for those who were unable to see the event as it happened, then YouTube will be running the live stream until 6:00 pm EDT.

The images that you see have been taken with a telescope that sits at the top of a volcano on one of the Canary Islands. If you were lucky enough to spot it we would love to hear what you thought about the event.

While you are waiting around why not have a little play with today’s Google Doodle, as it is one that is interactive. When you land on the search engine homepage it goes through a full cycle. After that you will see a slider bar at the bottom, allowing you to control the eclipse for yourself; see live feed below.

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