Google ups search engine speeds by five seconds

Google already have one of the most used search engines on the internet but they continue to try and improve their service in order to get more users and to make their search engine the best. Today we have news that they have upped the speed of the searches from users.

Yesterday we provided you news about the changes that the internet giants had made to their mobile homepage and today we also brought you news that they have added a voice search feature to their Chrome users search engines.

The new speeds take advantage of their Instant Pages search feature and are reported to speed things up by about two to five seconds, including the time it takes for loading a web page. According to the article at the BBC, Google’s search engine dominates the market at the moment, processing a billion requests every day.

With Microsoft’s Bing closing in on their share of the market, changes like the ones that have been made recently are essential for staying ahead of the game and for luring new users. Check out the full article at the BBC by clicking the link above.

Are you a Google search user? Which search engine do you prefer?



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